Sometimes we need help

How fascinating humankind. We deploy creativity to prosper, solve complex matters, adapt to all environments and circumstances. As single individuals, in small communities or within larger systems, our abilities are endless. Yet, there are times of instability where our potential seems lost. Situations in which the hardship of life prevails over our inventiveness. This is when we discover we need support and ask for help. As a result, some of us embrace coaching.

UP!’s coaching

Signing up for a coaching program with UP! marks the beginning of intense discovery. A process that is both introspective, and transformative. Introspective in identifying self-defeating attitudes, negative self-images, and unexplored capabilities. Transformative by stimulating awareness, confidence, and accountability. UP’s coaching is about important conversations. It encourages thought-provoking reflections and heart-warming dialogs that add meaning to life and preserve from decay.

For whom it is

Coaching with UP! means being ready to take responsibility. It is for anyone with a tricky situation and an intention to change it. For individuals stuck in dilemma’s between aspirations to pursue and obligations to fulfill. For organizations that value cooperation more than competition and want to inspire more than command. For conscious households that acknowledge problems before they escalate and nurture relationships before they break.


10 weekly sessions of 1 hour (face2face or online)

Client and coach form an alliance and engage in a person-centered exploration.

980 Euros (ex. VAT)*

Organisations & Teams

UP! regards every case as unique, with its own needs and strategy. Thus it consciously chooses to offer customised solutions instead of predefined packages.

Together we will work out a tailor-made programme, whose price and duration will depend on goals, timelines, and budget.

*UP! intends to leave no one behind and thus considers the opportunity
to review prices in case of individual budget constraints.

Before you decide to join, let’s talk first.