Communication is life

The way we communicate can unite or divide. It can lead to understanding and clarity, or misinterpretation and conflict. Sadly the norm is more the latter than the former. We often - unintentionally - interact based on judgment, criticism, and defensiveness, instead of empathy, understanding and dialog. We need a language that connects us. A language in which words matter and are used to express ourselves in ways that will make others more willing to understand us.

What is Nonviolent
communication (NVC)

NVC is a language of collaboration that aims at building a better living for everyone. It is based on the principle that all human beings have capacity for compassion and that we only resort to behaviors harmful to our relationships, when we do not find effective strategies for meeting needs. NVC is the language that teaches us how to ask for what we need, how to hear others even in disagreement, and how to move toward solutions for everyone's benefit.

The program

The program will teach you the NVC principles and allow you to pragmatically incorporate them in your daily routine. Each session is structured to secure both theory and practice, accounting for a progressive assimilation week after week. The program is for those who are ready to create healthier relationships with anyone, anywhere, at any time. At home with kids and partners or at work with colleagues and clients. And most importantly, with oneself.


10 weekly sessions of 1 hour (face2face or online)

For those who prefer learning with a dedicated one-one focus

980 Euros (ex. VAT)*


10 weekly sessions of 1,5 hour (face2face or online)

For partners and parents who want to create healthier family dynamics

1480 Euros (ex. VAT)*


For max 4 participants who prefer learning in classroom through the shared experience with others

10 weekly sessions of 2 hours online

760 Euros (ex. VAT)*

*UP! intends to leave no one behind and thus considers the opportunity
to review prices in case of individual budget constraints.

Before you decide to join, let’s talk first.